The Tale of the Stolen Cuteness


I recently had the following conversation with my 3-year-old (hereforeto known as “Pumpkin”).

Me: You are so cute.

Pumpkin (solemnly): No I’m not. Daddy stole my cuteness.

Me: Daddy stole your cuteness?

Pumpkin: Yes.

Me: How did he do that?

Pumpkin: He got a glass of water, put it in, and took it away.

When Daddy got home she confronted him.

Pumpkin: Daddy, you stole my cuteness.

Daddy: I did? How did I do that?

Pumpkin: You got a glass of water, put it in, and took it away (Note: her story doesn’t change – this adds veracity to her tale. It must have happened as she says it did).

Daddy: How do I give it back?

Pumpkin: You have to get the glass of water and give it back to me.

This was accomplished by me handing the cuteness bandit a half-full glass of water that happened to be sitting by the sink, who handed it to his unfortunate victim. Apparently this righted our little universe and all was well again.

Where do they come up with this stuff?

And should I have gone into a feminist rant about how we do not let men “steal” our “cuteness”? Too much for a 3-year-old?


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