The Tale of the Operation – Part 1


The count-down is on. Tomorrow morning we take the big one in for surgery – tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes put in her ears. As I was saying to someone last week, as surgeries go, this is routine – but it isn’t routine for MY kid. This could be a scary, painful experience for her – which is where my anxiety lies. No one wants her kid to hurt.

However, this is also the count-down to things becoming better for her (and, selfishly, her parents). It would seem that having a tonsil the size of a golf ball in your throat, an inability to breath well or sleep well, and diminshed hearing are enough to make a kid cranky. Who knew? Here is further insight: cranky kids are hard to handle at times. How many times have I heard, “I don’t want to calm down! NO! I’m staying in my room! Where is my teddy?!”. Then after I get the Dad calmed down, I still have to deal with the kid!

So, let the adventures begin. We pray the difficulties of tomorrow and the following recovery period bring good things in their wake. For her sake.


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