The Tale of the Poem


I am going to go public and say: The little one is not a good sleeper. She has been the cause of many lost hours in dreamland for her Dad and I.

She has asked to guest post on my blog in order to defend herself. She has chosen to do so in the form of a poem. Her rationale being, Who doesn’t like poetry? (I have told her, everyone, but she won’t be swayed. I can’t get her to sleep – what makes you think I can influence her writing choices?).

You have asked me,
Dearest Father,
Not-quite-as-dear Mother,
Why I do not sleep.

What is sleep,
Compared to you?
Your lovely face,
Your warm embrace.

You would be parted from me?
From my pudgy cuteness?
My sweet giggles?
My happy sighs?

I have told you:
My slaps are mere love taps.
And my gross bowel movements,
Beyond my control.

Yet, at arbitrary points
Throughout the day
(what is this “time” you speak of?)
You imprison me in my crib.

Where I long for your
Snack-giving hands,
Your playful smiles,
Your tummy tickles.

You ask why I do not sleep.
That is not the question.
The question is:
How can you turn me away?

So, how did she do?

Take it easy on her. She is only 9-months-old, and doesn’t sleep. It’s hard to be the next Emily Dickinson under those conditions. Besides, how much poetry do you read/write anyway? You aren’t exactly an expert.


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  1. Mine is 11 months old and still wakes up plenty at night. I can usually get him back to sleep quickly, but he sleeps best in bed with us. My doctor would have an aneurysm if he knew. And honestly… I think your daughter is spot-on. Who wants to sleep when there are tummy tickles to be had?! (It is me, I want to sleep, please)

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