The Tale of Knowledge


They say knowledge is power, and for parents, that’s true. We know where the cookies are hidden. We know how to operate the vehicle that will get the rug-rats to the park. We know about child development, manipulation, and the very best tickle spots.

But sometimes, knowledge is dangerous because, with it comes responsibility. On a regular basis parents encounter questions that we don’t actually want the answers to, such as the following (you may have your own list):

  • How did this get wet?
  • What is this and how did it get here?
  • How long has this been here?
  • What is that smell?
  • Where is the sippy cup that’s been missing for 3 days?
  • Did that sippy cup have milk in it?
  • What is that noise?
  • How much is that going to cost me?
  • How many hours of sleep did my childless friends get last night?

(Ok, seriously, what is that smell and where is it coming from?)


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