The Tale of the Reason Why


Young people who are considering their life’s course, people who do not have kids and don’t want them, people who have kids — all have asked the same question — Why have kids? I will tell you why with this story:

The other day I was in the shower when I heard the door open and sensed a little person had entered the bathroom. I peeked around the curtain to see my preschooler clad in a paper crown made at Sunday School and placing a fire truck, a dump truck and a turtle on the floor in a precise line. She then got herself settled onto her potty. It was at this point that I alerted her to my peeking and said “Hi”. She said, “Hey, give me my pribacy” (I thought, hey, great time to teach ‘irony’, but let it slide).

But, this, this is why you have kids. Forget things like biological clocks, leaving a legacy, continuing the species, blah, blah, blah. How much more interesting is life when you can peek out of your shower curtain to see such a delight as the above scene?


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