The Tale of Career Aspirations


Sadly, the baby’s resume hasn’t yet garnered any interest. However, we are noting a number of things that might indicate a career path for her. She is very talented and we think she’d be happy in any of the following careers:

Based on her interest in my teeth I would say that she would love to be a dentist.

Image from:

She has also recently developed a pokey interest in my eyes that could point to optometrist.

Considering her frequent use of “jazz hands” and bouncing to music I’d say she has the aptitude to be a dancer.

Given her tendency to put a second bite of food into her mouth while the first is still in there, it would appear she has the instincts of a competitive eater.

Her ability to make her parents laugh indicate that stand-up comedian could be in the cards.

And of course her outstanding good looks means that model is certainly possible.

What job should we encourage?


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